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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Icky ohhhy goooey sugar stuff!

Today I had to go do my glucose test. That is where they make you drink this icky ohhhy goooey extremely sugary stuff and then wait for an hour and draw your blood. I was really looking forward to a quite hour to read my book but by the time I got to the lab I was so frustrated from a) driving around the parking lot for 30 minutes looking for a parking spot and b) trying for the 15th time to get Darnell to fix my name in the computer system, that I didn’t feel like reading anymore. Instead I sat there for an hour observing my surroundings and people watching. These are some of the stories that were on the news:

  • A story about results from a recent study on who apologizes more often, men or women. (Really not sure whose idea it was to study this but I personally think it was a huge waste of time and money.)
  • A story about an owner of a cupcake shop that refused to make cupcakes for a gay customer. Her reason was not because the customer was gay but because she didn’t have enough colors to make what they were requesting. (Really it was because she doesn’t like gay people).
  • Lindsay Lowhan in rehab again. ( WHO CARES–I never really cared but I really really stopped caring after about the 5th time she was in/out of rehab.)
  • Snookie got alcohol poisoning. (Again-WHO CARES! I am surprised she hasn’t gotten poisoning of some sort from all the orange spray tan crap all over her skin.)

After the Snookie story someone (I think the receptionist) changed the channel to Price is Right and turned the volume way up on the TV(she must not have been able to hear it from her desk).

In my hour of waiting these are some of the things that annoyed me:

  • The really cute pregnant lady wearing a cute black dress and knee-high boots with THREE INCH HEALS! I am pretty sure she is probably at the same spot in her pregnancy as I am and she looked adorable. Yes I am jealous!
  • The person that decided to sit in the chair right next to me. There is a whole room full of  chairs (54 to be exact) and most of them were not occupied (41 to be exact) so why did you sit in the chair right next to me?
  • The volume on the TV! Seriously it’s a waiting room in a hospital. It’s suppose to be nice and quiet.
  • The person sitting 3 chairs down from me that was playing along with the Price is Right. I’ll admit I was playing along too but not out loud!

These are just some things I noticed:

  • 2 tiny pieces of paper balled up under the chair in front of me (I wanted to pick them up but that would have required my ompa loopa body to bend down and get them which is not the easiest task now-a-days.)
  • 7 other pregnant ladies doing the icky ohhhy gooey sugar stuff test with me
  • 2 people sleeping
  • A poster that says “Heat can kill” I thought this was kinda funny because it’s the same poster that I saw all over every building I went into when I was in basic training. It hasn’t changed at all and it has been a few years since I was in basic.

Other than my hour-long people watching during my icky ohhhy goooey sugar stuff test nothing to extremely exciting has happened in my perfectly boring life lately.  Football season started so Carlos spends his Sundays and Mondays yelling at the TV. I celebrated my 26th birthday last week. Skyla is still saying and doing all kinds of things that make me laugh. Her Tia Ofi got her a hotwheels motorcycle for her birthday. The first time driving it she ran it into the side of the house and scared me half to death a few times. Looks like we are going to be in trouble if her driving skills don’t improve before she starts driving a car. Ceci’s vocabulary continues to grow everyday. She is starting to put together small sentences. My new favorite thing she says is “I wanna call Mama.” She brings me the phone and tells me this when she wants to talk to Grandma. Baby Maldo is growing like crazy and is very active. I love to lay down and just watch my belly move. He is already very spoiled (thanks to Nina). Nina has planned his baby shower and I am really excited. I am so glad to have friends like her since my family is far away!



Ok I am pregnant and huge and lately it has really been getting on my nerves that my undies don’t fit comfortably. Finding comfortable undies has proven to be quite the challenge for me. Underwear are expensive. I think that by the time I have finally found a style that fit and don’t give me constant wedigies I will have 50 pairs of huge undies and be completely broke. I am not entirely sure that it’s appropriate to blog about my undies but I just have to get this frustration off my chest. I constantly have a wedgie. It annoys me. Since I started working in the new building everything is video recorded so even if I want to secretly pick my wedgie someone is always watching! So to whoever monitors the cameras at the new building I am sorry if you have seen me picking my wedgies. I am on a hunt for a comfortable pair of undies and hopefully you won’t have to see my wedgie picking much longer. Ahhh I feel much better now that I have vented about my wedgie problem.

P.S.–I think wedgie is a really funny word!

Tute Mommy

My kids drive me almost crazy about 50% of the time. They make me scream and they make me cry! They love to fight with each other and argue with me when I ask them to do something. I think one of their favorite things to do is ignore me when I tell them not to do something. I am sure they will soon cause me to have a few grey hairs. Despite all of this they make me SMILE and that makes it all worth it! How could you not smile at this:

Ceci is learing to dress herself. She has figured out how to put on socks, shoes and shorts. She still needs some work on matching and choosing the right sizes though. She is also talking more and more each day. Last night I was laying on the couch and Skyla was brushing my hair. Ceci walked up in front of me. She put her hand on my face, moved my bangs out of my eyes and said, “Oh tute (cute) Mommy!”  What a sweetie!


Not to be Captain Obvious but, being pregnant does very weird things to people. Lately I can not get enough salsa. If it were not for the fact that people would probably look at me strange I would eat with a spoon. Yes that’s right plain salsa. Salsa isn’t my only weird craving. Let me explain something really quick. I absolutely hate eggs. I never eat them. Today I was craving eggs all day. So for dinner I made eggs and sausage. I ate it (smothered with salsa of course) and it was delicious.

My adventure with eggs was one of many great things that happened this week.  Saturday we celebrated Skyla’s 4th birthday. What originally started out as a small get together with a few close friends turned into a huge party complete with a pinata, barbeque ribs and a bouncy house. I made two favoritecolorpurple cakes frosted with favoritecolorpurple frosting. We had favoritecolorpurple plates and grape soda and of course Skyla got a cute new favoritecolorpuple outfit.  I even fixed my hair and put on makeup (this is a rare occurence since I got pregnant). I decided since I was all dolled up it would be a good time to take a cute picture with my sweet girls. Too bad this is the only picture of the three of us that I got-Skyla looks so sweet!

Despite her evil look in the picture, Skyla did have a great time at the party. She got everything she asked for (a bike, a favoritecolorpurple brush and a guitar) and much more.

Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated Skyla’s special day with us. It’s nice to have an army and work family since our families are both so far away.

I also want to say thank you to my wonderful husband for all his help with the party. He had surgery on his jaw on Wednesday. He still isn’t able to eat real food yet but he did an amazing job cooking all of the meat for the party. Here is a wonderful picture of Mr. Brokeface Maldonado cooking some scrupmtious ribs!


Sometimes FREE sucks!

Ok I know that the military healthcare is free so I should really not be complaining about it, but sometimes free just plain sucks! I am very irritated with Darnell (the army hospital here at Fort Hood) today. This is probably because I spent most of my day there and  was tired and cranky and had lots of time to think about all the things about Darnell that aggravate me!

Whenever you book an appointment they always tell you to arrive 15 minutes early. This aggravates me for two reasons:

1. If they really want you to be 15 minutes early for your appointment you should actually arrive at the hospital 30 minutes early. You are likely to spend at least 15 minutes driving in circles around the parking lot looking for a parking space. Sure they have the “stork” parking for expecting mothers but Fort Hood seems to have an over abundance of expecting mothers so these spots are rarely open.

2. Even if you arrive 15 minutes early you will most likely not be seen on time. If your lucky you will be seen by a doctor only 15 minutes late.

If the doctor, or PA , or nurse, or midwife doesn’t know what is wrong they just give you different drugs to try. My husband went to the doctor several times before he actually got a doctor to understand that no drug was going to magically cure his jaw. We now have a pharmacy at our house that consists of 800mg ibuprofen, naproxen, flexal, roboxin, vicoden, percocet and adavan (plus two more I don’t know the name to).

I don’t know if this is true for the whole hospital but in the OB clinic I feel like a number! Up until my last appointment I had never had a provider that actually read into my chart and discussed it with me. It makes me angry that the scale is in the hallway and not in a private room. I am pregnant and already feel huge so I would really appreciate it if I could be weighed in private! I also find it very annoying that when they take my vitals they never tell me what they are. They also ask, “Is your answer yes to any of the normal questions?” I always play stupid and pretend I don’t know what the normal questions are so they have to ask me each one.

The decor in the OB clinic vitals room is annoying. As I sat there waiting today all I had to stare at was a very detailed poster that showed the male and female reproductive system and explained reproduction. This annoyed me because it’s an OB clinic. I assume that most of the people who are patients there probably know how reproduction works considering they are pregnant! I would much rather look at a cute Anne Geddes poster or some other cute baby picture than a drawing of a penis, balls, sperm, a uterus and a vagina. I think I may put this in the suggestion box.

For some reason the computer system at Darnell has me listed as Jessica Carpenter and even though I have had this changed about 5 times and my ID card says Jessica Maldonado they can’t seem to get it straight. Some of the receptionist are smart enough to put 2 and 2 together and figure out that since my first name, birthday and social are all the same its safe to assume that I am Jessica Maldonado/Carpenter. It’s the not so brilliant ones that get a funny confused look on their face that annoy me! They have to think about it, scratch their head, ask their boss, check my id three times and finally ask me if my name is something different before they figure it out! This usually isn’t that big of a problem but it is annoying and last time I went to the “wonderful” lab they refused to do my lab work because my name on my id was different from my name on the lab orders. I understand they have to follow policy or whatever but where was that policy the whole time I was pregnant with Ceci and did all my lab work with no problem?

I detest the pharmacy! Today I asked my provider if she could give me a handwritten prescription so that I could take it off post to have it filled. She explained to me that if I get my prescription at the hospital it’s free and if I take it off post then there would be co-pay. Instead of going off on her like I really wanted to I just agreed. In my head I was thinking, ” I would much rather pay the $3.00 copay off post then wait for hours on end in the pharmacy for my prescription.” Once I got down to the pharmacy I immediately regretted agreeing to have my prescription filled on post. I had already spent almost an hour in the pharmacy earlier in the day for my husband’s prescription. This time was much worse though. I was cranky and tired and really just wanted to go home and sleep. Not only was the waiting room packed full of people (there were not even any seats available) but it was really really hot. I found a nice place against the wall and tried to not be grumpy.  I failed though because there is something about being in a hot room full of sick people with cranky kids that just makes a person grumpy.

I guess it’s like my husband says, “It’s free and you get what you pay for!”

I have to end this on a funny note. Skyla just told Carlos Yes Mam when he told her to do something=)