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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Worth the wait!

After lots and lots of waiting Orlando Inocencio Maldonado is here! I must say he was well worth the wait! He made his appearance very quickly. We were all surprised to see that he has very little hair! He weights 6lbs 4oz and is 19 1/4 inces long!  Here are a few pictures of our little hairless bundle of joy!



We are home now and doing great. The girls have only got to see Orlando for a few hours. I am SO excited for them to spend more time with him and the adventures I am sure we will have!

I want to say THANK YOU to every person that took the time to say Congrats or to stop by and visit us. It really means the world to me! It’s time for me to go and cuddle with my baby but before I go let me just say I LOVE BABY FEET! Orlando has the longest toes and probably the most flexible feet I have ever seen!


More waiting……

I am learning that I am a very impatient person! I just want this baby to be here already. This weekend we had no plans. Of course I am very anxious not only to have the baby but from my family to visit next week. As you can tell from my previous posting I have been very grumpy, bored and restless. I had to come up with things to do this weekend to make time pass. Here is what I did:

  • Painted mine, Skyla’s and Ceci’s fingernails (I laughed a little when Skyla said, “Mom we have to paint our toes too!”)
  • Cleaned the house more than once.
  • Worked on the blanket I am crocheting. I am now on the last skein of yarn!
  • Read a few chapters of my book.
  • Packed an overnight bag for the hospital.
  • Went for a walk.
  • Took a nap.
  • Fixed my hair and put on makeup for the 3rd time in 9 months.
  • Washed, folded and put away all of the laundry (this is quite an accomplishment for me).
  • Did a fishtail braid in Skyla’s hair and braided Ceci’s pigtails for the first time.
  • Wrapped all but two Christmas presents and put most of them under the tree.

And now I am sitting here restlessly waiting and waiting and waiting some more!


I am grumpy!

I am tired!

I am very restless and uncomfortable!

I am bored!

My ankles are HUGE along with the rest of my body!

I need a hair cut!

I don’t have anything to do this weekend!

I am so ready to see my family but really don’t want to wait another full week!

My husband is not feeling well!

I am beyond ready to have a baby already but haven’t had hardly any signs that I am close to going into labor!—–

That is all my grumblings! Hopefully tomorrow I will be in a better mood and do a Happy Posting!

Things that make me Smile!

Skyla has a small photo of Jesus. The other day I found it on the floor in our living room and asked her to pick it up. She picked it up, looked at it for a minute and then said to me, “Mom, can Jesus come over?” While I was trying to think of what to tell her she continued, “I want to give him some of my toys for the kids in the picture.” I was so proud of my baby for a second until in the next breath she said, “But I only want to give him two toys not all of them.”

My kids love to play in the closet in their room (probably because they have been told over 1,001 times not to). The other day they found a bag of winter hats and gloves. Since then Ceci has been wearing one of the hats around the house. She looks adorable in it!

My belly is HUGE! This makes me happy because it means that sometime in the near future we finally get to meet baby Maldo and my belly will no longer have to be huge!

Skyla and I were in the car the other day while Carlos got the Christmas tree all tied up for the drive home. I told Skyla we were going to go eat steaks and decorate the Christmas tree. She told me she didn’t want steak. I said, “Why not, are you not hungry?” Her reply was, “Ya I am hungry but I wanna have clouds for dinner. They look like they taste good.”

Ceci is so smart! She can sing her ABC’s all by herself. I love hearing her sing. At the end instead of singing “Now I know my ABC’s, next time won’t you sing with me?” she sings, “Know my Know my Know my ABC’s yaaaaayyyyyy!”

I have two very cute girls that absolutely love their Daddy! They love to snuggle with him. Maybe baby Maldo will be my little Mommy’s boy??