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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Big GIANT Sad face :(

FACT: I have a very AWESOME sister. She is fun, loving, fast, kind, helpful and well kinda really goofy! We were very lucky to have her visit us for the summer. She is leaving tomorrow and we are going to miss her a ton!

Skyla says: “Lela I will miss playing with you and having a mud fight!”

Ceci says, “Lela I will miss your birthday and cooking hot dogs and chicken nuggets with you. And Lela you’re stinky!”

Orlando says, “Lela I will miss spitting on you and snuggling with you.” (Ok he didn’t  really say that but he was thinking it!)

I will miss all her help, watching my kids play with her, and having an adult to talk to and hang out with. We love you Lela –thanks for all your help and for all the fun days!


Prepare to be amazed!

So in an effort to make my life less boring I started following a few craft blogs to get some ideas of cute, adorable, easy and cheap crafty things to do. After working on them for a few nights over the past couple of weeks I am proud to present my creations, which are being modeled by the cutest, coolest models ever and were made from an old t-shirt!





And because I am so super awesome (you can laugh if you want) I made these super cool rings for my sister and I!