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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Facebook Game

I was tagged on Facebook to write 30 random things about myself. It has been a while since my last post so I decided I would write 30 random things as a blog. Here goes….

1. I love cheetos-especially cheetos puffs

2. I wonder what is appropriate to say when you sneeze and no one blesses you. I think it’s kind of strange to bless yourself but also find it awkward to say nothing at all.

3. I complain entirely too much! I have so much to be thankful for and even when I make an effort not to complain I still catch myself complaining about so many petty things.

4. I love my job! Sometimes I deal with some really less than smart people but I just have to remember that these people are my job security.

5. I eat ice constantly. My husband hates it and I know it can’t be good for my teeth but I love ice!

6. When I was growing up I wanted to be a teacher. I am glad I did not pursue this because I really don’t like being around kids all the time so I probably would have made a terrible teacher.

7. I have a slight addiction to Facebook. It is usually the last thing I look at before I go to bed and one of the first things I look at in the morning. Oh well –there are worse things I could be addicted to right?

8. My favorite color is pink! I love pink and zebra stripes. In fact somehow I convinced my husband to let me decorate our bathroom in hot pink and zebra stripes. It is very cute if I do say so myself!

9. I miss my family and my husband’s family a ton! I wish we were not so far away from them so that we could see them more often. Maybe someday when I win the lotto I will buy a private jet so I can visit them whenever I want.

10. Laughter is crucial in my life. I have to laugh every day. Lucky for me I have a very goofy husband and two wonderful kids that make this possible for me.

11. People watching is one of my absolute favorite things to do.

12. I know how to crochet. I am proud to say that I am almost finished with my first blanket ever. I have been working on it for almost a year.

 13. I am really not an animal person. Animals are all good and great but I don’t want them in my house. I think (actually I know) I got this from my Mother.

14. I am a hopeless romantic. I love it when my husband does something romantic for me-even if it’s the smallest thing like sweet text message.

15. I am terrified of what life will be like when my kids are teenagers.

16. If I could choose to live anywhere I would want to live on a ranch in the middle of nowhere. I grew up mostly in the middle of nowhere and I wish I could raise my kids to be little ranch kids.

17. I am very impatient. They say kids teach you patience but I think they lie.

18. I absolutely love Taco Johns! I always have. In fact some of my favorite memories from high school come from going to Taco Johns with Brandy Sickler and ordering taco bravos. I also have many fond memories of going to Taco Johns with Alayna Sathre. There is only one Taco Johns here and it is on post. Every time I have a doctor appointment I drive by and hardly ever do I make it without stopping.

19. My kids have crazy messy hair today.

20. I sleep on the couch. For the majority of this pregnancy I have slept on one of our couches and Carlos has slept on the other. Our mattress and pregnancy don’t get along very well.

21. I don’t believe in ghosts.

22. I used to want to go undercover as a homeless person and write a book about it.

23. I am so incredibly thankful for our ‘army family.’ It’s so nice to know that we will always have somewhere to spend the holidays when we are so far away from our real family. We have met some wonderful and hopefully lifelong friends through the army.

25. I am a terrible speller.

26. I sometimes miss Wyoming weather. I would love to be able to throw on a comfortable hoody and head out for the day without worrying about roasting. I do like Texas winter weather though because it allows me to take my kids to the park in the middle of November and not even have to put jackets on them.


27. My husband is an awesome cook. In fact he is making tacos right now and they smell amazing!

28. I am so so so excited for Christmas. I can’t wait to get our tree and decorate our house –and to see my family!!

29. Skyla just came out of her room with makeup (marker) on her eyelids. I really wanted to be mad but I was laughing too hard so I took a picture instead.

 30. I skipped number 24 to see if you would notice.


Give and Take Relationship

Tomorrow my awesome husband and I celebrate three years of marriage! I know to some of you who have been married for ages (Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa) this may not seem like much but it has been an amazing three years.  I thought it would be fun to have his input on this blog reminiscing our past three years together.

The biggest thing I have learned is that we make amazingly cute babies=)

The biggest thing that Carlos has learned is that we have a give and take relationship.

My favorite thing about our marriage is that no matter how broke we are we always have a monthly date night and get to spend some time alone.

Carlos’ favorite thing about our marriage is the give and take relationship.

I am so thankful that I have such a helpful husband to share my life with. He is always willing to help me with the kids and most the time is very helpful around the house.

Carlos is thankful for our give and take relationship.

My favorite thing about my amazing husband is his ability to always make me laugh.

Carlos’ favorite thing about me is my fertility (see I told you he was funny).

My least favorite part of the past three years is a tie between being pregnant (twice) and going through a yearlong deployment.

Carlos’ least favorite part of the past three years is also my fertility (he said it’s a love hate relationship between my fertility and him-I don’t get it but oh well)

It’s hard to pick a favorite but one of my favorite memories of the past three years is taking a spontaneous spur of the moment road trip with Carlos to Wyoming. It all started when we stopped a Cabelas one day and the next thing I knew we were all packed up and on our way to Wyoming. I love that my husband loves to do spontaneous things and isn’t much of a planner.

Carlos’ favorite memory of the past three years is having a give and take relationship. Just kidding (haha I’m kind of funny too!) Really when I asked him what his favorite memory was he said, “My brain is just too full of memories of things we have done together. I can’t pick just one.”

I look forward to many more great years together. I love spending time with my husband and watching him be a Daddy to our kiddos. Hopefully someday we will retire together and he can go be a professional fisherman and make lots of money and I can be a “professional” shopper and spend lots of money (give and take right?).

Carlos looks forward me finishing this blog so he can watch TV without me interrupting him every few minutes and to having me with him forever to take care of him when he’s an old man (older than he is now)and missing his legs (?).

I love you Juan Carlos Maldonado—HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!