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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Oh how they grow….

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My kids have driven me to the edge of crazy today. Actually they have driven me over the edge of crazy. In fact in about 2.5 minutes I think I might just open the front door and let them go out and play in traffic. Just kidding…kinda. As Nina would say they are driving me “coo coo bananas” (I love typing the bananas, it’s fun!) Anyways as I’m sitting here clinging to my sanity I am thinking that I better update my blog since it is clinging to life. So here goes….


  • Almost finished with pre-k
  • Broke up with Justin Bieber because, “He doesn’t love me anymore!”
  • Is constantly asking about rhyming and spelling
  • Picks a flower (or weed) for her teacher almost everyday on the way to school
  • Is dancing like a crazy monkey with her sister right now
  • Just informed me that Justin Bieber came back to her. I asked what her favorite thing about today was and she said, “Dancing to Justin Bieber.” I of couse said, “I thought you broke up with him?” To which she replied, “No Mom he came back to me.
  • Here’s an old picture I found of her today:Image


  • Is OBSESSED with Barney (kind of like her Aunt Lela was when she was two)
  • Is always hungry and always thirsty
  • Loves to make Orlando scream
  • Got a new doll from Grandma and named her Pablo
  • Carries her blanket with us everyday to pick up Skyla from school even though it’s like 115 degrees outside
  • Here is an old picture of her that I found today:Image


  • Loves to get into EVERYTHING imaginable
  • Has a growing vocabulary: Hi, mine, owe, no, wowwow (puppy), hey
  • Loves to talk on the phone but will only say Hi and nothing else
  • Needs a haircut again
  • Loves puppies and dogs and cats
  • Gets picked on all day by his sisters
  • Since I can’t find any old pictures of him here is a cute one from not too long ago:Image

They grow up so fast. Even though it seems impossible right now, I’m sure I’ll miss these times when they are older. I guess I won’t make them go play in traffic after all. Besides it’s my favorite part of the day…bedtime!