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Monthly Archives: September 2012

I’m sure you’re all dieing to hear about the last month or so of our never-ending move from Texas to Georgia (hahah I’m funny)! Here’s some highlights:

  • It took us a week longer than planned to leave the “great” place (the Army’s name for Fort Hood) Luckily we had awesome friends (thanks Tony and Lindsey) that let us and our very well behaved somewhat rambunctious children and us stay at their house.
  • We decided at last minuted to go and visit my Aunt Gerry and my cousins in Texarkana. Since they are so awesome we decided to stay an extra few days. My husband was determined to leave with my cousin’s mustang but we left without it!
  • We stopped at a Bass Pro Shop somewhere in Missouri. The plan way to get new tires on the car at the tire shop next door but we decided against it (bad decision).
  • In Alabama we blew a tire. It damaged the rotor and we had to replace it along with the brakes. A whole lot of money later we were back on the road and made it to Georgia, where we found a house right away still haven’t found a house.
  • Since we didn’t have much luck finding a house off post we have decided to live on post. The big huge giant downfall is that we won’t have a house for around a month.

Yes, that’s right a month! So in the meantime we are living in a motel. The kids are spending half their time going crazy and the other half driving me crazy. The good thing is the my husband doesn’t have to go to work until October 1st so we have been exploring the area. It’s different but seems great so far. Here are some random things I’ve noticed:

  • There is no shortage of fried chicken places or waffle houses.
  • There are lots of lizards.
  • I haven’t seen any dollar stores but I have seen a 49 cent store and several 98 cent stores.
  • They sell boiled peanuts everywhere. I’ve never heard of them so of course I had to try some. Have to say I’m not a huge fan.
  • There is an amazing running store here called Big Dog Running. They have you run on a treadmill, watch how you run and then recommend the best shoes for you. Orlando decided to try on some new kicks while we were there.
  • With the killer mosquitos bug spray is a must if you’re going to be outside much.
  • We ate at a fun little place called the Pickle Barrel (who could resist with a name like that?)
  • Even though I am extremely stressed out the kids are always saying/ doing funny things that make me laugh.
  • The time changes on the state line. It can be very confusing because half of the houses we looked at are an hour behind Fort Benning time. We were told that pretty much the whole area runs off of Fort Benning time but a watch comes in handy because my phone automatically changes based on where I am and it gets a little confusing.
  • Piggly Wiggly! It’s real and of course we had to go. Ceci says “iggily iggly”
  • We stumbled upon a book sale which was amazing. It was $3 to fill a grocery bag full of books. I loaded up because my B.F.F. Nina is not here to lend me good books. I miss you NINA!!!
  • It might take me a while before I will be able to understand the southern accent most people here have. I had a sweet old lady at the Piggly Wiggly ask me, “How old dey are?” (referring to the kids)
  • If you are ever in Georgia you should visit the National Infantry Museum. It is pretty darn amazing. They even have an Imax theater inside. The kids loved the family room too!
  • I am so excited because they have amazing running paths here. Today I ran along the river while the kids and Carlos fished and it was outstanding.
  • They have an awesome farmers market here. We checked it out and I am happy to say I got some delicious honey to have on my peanut butter and honey sandwiches. The kids had a blast too!

Since I have the pleasure of am going to be staying in a hotel for the next month or so, I might bore you all with several more blog posts soon:)