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Maybe you noticed that I have been M.I.A. for a few weeks (maybe you didn’t). The reason for this is because my perfectly boring life has been a little bit imperfect and  a ton un-boring the past two weeks.

  • We finally found a house. It doesn’t have pink wall paper, blue carpet or a tiny living room. It’s perfect for us. We moved in last weekend but still haven’t gotten all unpacked and organized.
  • Orlando has started to eat bananas ( I love typing  bananas- it is one of the funnest words to type) He likes them and so do I because now he usually only wakes up once a night to eat instead of three times.

Enjoying some BaNaNaS!

  • Skyla continues to be obsessed with Justin Bieber even despite Carlos teasing her.
  • Ceci is on a cereal kick lately. She wants cereal for breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner. She WILL stab you with a spoon if you try to eat some of her cereal.

The famous “I’ll stab you” look
  • In the past two weeks I have worked 32 hours of over time. Some of it was voluntary some of it was definitely not.
  • Skyla can write her name now. She is very proud of her self but I am even prouder (more proud??) of her. She even wrote Grandma a letter (her name over and over again). She is anxiously awaiting a return letter.
  • Carlos has been trying to enjoy his leave by fishing as much as possible in between being a wonderful hubby and playing stay at home dad while I work.

Mr. Fisherman/Wonderful Hubby/Stay at home Daddy

  • Orlando can almost roll over by himself. He tries so hard and is so close. And he must take after his Dad because he doesn’t have a short temper and doesn’t get frustrated when he can’t do it. He just keeps trying and looks so darn adorable doing so!

I know he's cute!

  • I have joined the nose crack scentcy bandwagon. I LOVE it! My first order came in right before we moved and it was the first thing we brought to the new house. It was wonderful to move into a house that smelled like yummyness instead of moth balls and empty house.
  • It has been so nice outside this week. The kids have enjoyed playing with the sidewalk chalk. Carlos even took Orlando out with them. I think it may have been in an attempt to suntan him and turn him brown (it didn’t work-he is still very white)

My brown boy and my white boy


  • I found out this week that starting in April I will be moving to A.M. (overnight) shift. I am excited because I really like working with the people that are already on that shift but at the same time it has placed a HUGE BIG DARK cloud of stress over my head. Finding a sitter for the kids once Carlos is gone is going to be a challenge. Right now though I don’t want to think about him leaving because well it kinda really really sucks and I don’t want it to happen!
  • The girls love the new house. Skyla calls it the big house. They have so much more room to play and rough house (good for them and Daddy kinda a little annoying to me but I guess whatever makes them happy)

My very lady like girls (Haha)

Ok so maybe that wasn’t all that much un-boring to you but to me it has been a very eventful few weeks!


Bieber Fever

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Bieber Fever has finally struck in the casa de Maldonado! Skyla came home from school yesterday and asked me, “Is Justin Bieber pretty?” After we discussed the “prettiness” of Justin Bieber I let her listen to one of his songs! She spent the rest of the night singing, “baby baby baaaabyyy oh” Today when I picked her up from school she was still talking about Justin Bieber. I pulled up a few videos off of you tube and let her watch them. She was so excited! As we speak (type) she is drawing a picture of Mr. Bieber! She keeps getting frustrated and saying, “Mom, I can’t draw his hair!”

On another note- In an effort to look less like a cased sausage I have started running again. I can’t wait till I’m over the “getting in shape part” so I can go for a nice long run when I’m stressed out. I also can’t wait to not looked like a cased sausage in my pre-pregnacy jeans.

And on another note- Orlando is laying here next to me talking and babbling away and it’s so stinking cute!

Fantabulous Weekend!

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I had an amazing weekend!

  • My husband came home from work Friday with a beautiful vase of flowers for me! Attached was a card that said, “I’m sorry about the retreat but pack your bags and get ready for Sat. cus it’s me and you and San Antonio. I love you.” The arrangement is beautiful and has some of my favorite flowers in it. He told me that he made the lady at the flower shop let him go into the back and hand-pick the flowers he wanted to use. Rewind real quick: on Thursday we found out that our name was not on the list for the marriage retreat that his unit was hosting. We both thought that it was and had been looking forward to a nice mini-vaction. Needless to say I was VERY VERY upset when I found out we were not going. The flowers and card were the perfect start to my very fantabulous weekend!


  • I finally fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans! Even though I still look somewhat similar to cased sausage in them just being able to pull them all the way up and button them is  a HUGE accomplishment for me.
  • As I was getting ready for my day on Saturday Skyla came into the bathroom and said, “Mom you look beautiful. You look like a lady.” She is so sweet. I just hope she doesn’t think that I look like an ugly man every other day!
  • I had a good hair day! I tried to take a picture but unfortunately I was not very photogenic.
  • Some very awesome friends of our watched all of the kids for us so we could get out of town on Saturday. Ceci was so excited to go to Rondo’s house and see Sasha (their dog).


  • Carlos and I spent most of the day Saturday driving in a huge circle (Cove, Lampassas, a whole bunch of tiny little towns, Gatesville and finally Waco) looking for something to do. It was entertaining doing nothing with my husband.
  • We finally decided to eat at a beautiful restaurant on the Brazos River. Don’t we look happy? *side note — The food was terrible and made us both sick but we still had a good time!

  • We saw a movie and it was good!
  • We went to the mall where the only purchase we made was a bib for Orlando. (I know we are awesome!)


  • We met up with some friends we hadn’t seen in a while.
  • Although we stayed up till almost 4 a.m. I was still able to come home and get all the laundry and housework done today! I would have to say this weekend was a HUGE success!

History lesson from Skyla

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Skyla has been learning so much at school. Last week she brought home a packet of papers and was so excited to show them to me. She was flipping through the packet telling me about every page. When she got to the page with George Washington on it she said, “And Mom this is George Washington.” To which I replied, “And who is George Washington.” And Skyla replied, “Oh he lives on the money!” I love Skyla for always making me laugh!