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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Hate it when Wednesday

One of the radio stations I sometimes listen to has a segment called “I hate it when…”. They always do it on Wednesday and so they call it I hate it when Wednesdays. It got me thinking and well it’s been one of those Wednesdays.

I hate it when…. I wake up at 3:00 am to the sound of one of my kids puking. I love it that my wonderful husband wakes up to clean up the mess even though he has to be at work super early.

I hate it when….Skyla refuses to go into her classroom at school because she wants to eat breakfast even though she already ate breakfast at home. I love it when her teacher bribes her to go in the classroom by giving her crackers.

I hate it when…. my kids are sick. I love it when my kids sleep until noon (and look adorable doing it if I do say so myself).

I hate it when….I have to take my kids to a doctor other than their normal doctor. I love it when the doctor assumes that I am hispanic and starts explaining something to me in Spanish. Every one needs a good laugh every once in a while!

I hate it when….Orlando cries for no apparent reason and I can not figure out what he is crying about. I love it when I discover that he just wanted to be naked!

I hate it when….Skyla tells me she wants cheese pizza after I have already ordered pepperoni pizza. I love it when she improvises!


Shoulder licker

Today I had to go to Darnell. We all know how much I hate this. It never fails to put me in a terrible mood. Today was different though and I was able to leave in a better mood than when I got there! Here’s why

  • The new parking lot is finished! It took me less than one minute to find a parking space.
  • After signing in I only had to wait 5 minutes before I was seen by the doctor–this is AMAZING!
  • My doctor told me that I looked very well rested for a new Mom. I am not at all well rested so I’m thankful that I didn’t look as tired as I felt.
  • My doctor also complemented the fact that I have 3 kids and still have the energy to put on makeup and wear jewelry-yay me!
  • I got signed up to take the mandatory class I have to take before having my tubes tied-one step closer to ensuring I will NEVER be pregnant again!
  • I finally got Orlando enrolled in Tricare so I can take him for his 6 week checkup (only two weeks late).
  • And the very very best part of my visit to Darnell: Some very nice lady finally fixed my name in the computer system so there will no longer be a huge confusion when I make appointments and schedule labs!

If you follow my blog you know why all of these things made my trip to Darnell so great. If you don’t then I’m sorry but this is probably really pointless and boring for you so here’s a little something to make it more fun!

  • Ceci has been wearing panties to school for two weeks and has only had one accident! At home she still feels the need to doo doo in her panties though-maybe this is her way of making me feel better about the fact that my kids are growing up so fast!
  • Skyla just discovered she can lick her shoulder. I am laughing hysterically at how excited she is about this!
  • Orlando is the cutest little boy EVER! I took him in Skyla’s classroom today when I picked her up from school and she was very excited to show off her little brother.
  • I was slightly annoyed by all the “my husband/boyfriend/fiance is the best” posts on facebook on Valentines day so I didn’t do one but now it’s not Valentines day so I’m just gonna go ahead and say my husband is the best. He got me some beautiful flowers and took me out for a nice lunch date.
  • My kids sleep in the weirdest, most uncomfortable looking positions!

Block babies

My kids have tons of toys. They probably have at least 15 dolls. Which is why I was somewhat suprised when they made babies out of thier building blocks. At least they have good imaginations!

Not much has been happening in my perfectly boring life. I am back at work already. I feel like Orlando grows between the time I drop him off in the morning and when I pick him up.

I have been expermenting with some new hairstyles on Skyla. The other day Carlos was bored so he decided to do the same with Ceci. He was already finished by the time I got the camera though. (He did an excellent job by the way!)