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Ok I am pregnant and huge and lately it has really been getting on my nerves that my undies don’t fit comfortably. Finding comfortable undies has proven to be quite the challenge for me. Underwear are expensive. I think that by the time I have finally found a style that fit and don’t give me constant wedigies I will have 50 pairs of huge undies and be completely broke. I am not entirely sure that it’s appropriate to blog about my undies but I just have to get this frustration off my chest. I constantly have a wedgie. It annoys me. Since I started working in the new building everything is video recorded so even if I want to secretly pick my wedgie someone is always watching! So to whoever monitors the cameras at the new building I am sorry if you have seen me picking my wedgies. I am on a hunt for a comfortable pair of undies and hopefully you won’t have to see my wedgie picking much longer. Ahhh I feel much better now that I have vented about my wedgie problem.

P.S.–I think wedgie is a really funny word!


About jessdmaldo

I am a mother and a wife and my life is extreemly not interesting at all! I love my kids and my husband and all the laughter they cause me!

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