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A break from summer break

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This week we took a little break from Camp Keep Mom From Going Batpoop Crazy! I am surprised that even with a break I didn’t completely lose my marbles! Here is a little of what we did:

We did A LOT of fighting and bickering over absolutely nothing and absolutely everything.


We went to the library and learned all about working out and being healthy. We even got to do a mini workout (which is always easiest when you stick out your tongue).



When we were finished working out we got to decorate our own personal water cups and enjoy a glass of ice cold water.

Water cup

We spent some time at the pool (three days!).

Pool day

We did some art projects using the fridge as an easel.

Fridge art

We finished off the week by going to the Independence Day Celebration, not winning a car, barbequing and watching fireworks with some great friends.

Fourth of July~

And Mom watched almost an entire season of Real Housewives of Atlanta and played candy crush got a lot accomplished around the house. The little break from summer break was nice but we are excited to get back to summer camp next week!