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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Maldonado Family!!!

ImageWe hope that you and your families are all doing well and having a great holiday season. Here is what we have been up to the past year!


  • Turned 6 this year
  • Is currently in kindergarten and is learning so much. She can read more than 100 words and is constantly spelling things.
  • Has kept the tooth fairy very busy over the last few months and is missing all four of her front teeth
  • Is STILL obsessed with all things Justin Bieber
  • Donated 12 inches of her beautiful hair to Locks of Love
  • Has a tad bit of an attitude that makes me terrified for when she is a teenager
  • Loves to work with Ceci and come up with new ways to make me crazy everyday


  • Will be turning four on Sunday
  • Loves Barney
  • Watches the Justin Bieber movie all day everyday (if I let her)
  • Loves to pretend to be a dog trainer
  • Is really really really good at making Orlando cry and scream
  • Goes to imaginary school. Everyday when I ask Skyla how her day at school was and she is finished telling me Ceci says, “Today at my school we…..” She gets pretty creative
  • Tells Carlos, “Daddy I didn’t have any bad dreams,” as a way to convince him to let her watch Walking Dead with him



  • Is celebrating his 2nd birthday today! Happy Birthday Handsome!!!
  • Is most certainly a Daddy’s boy (he cries like the world is ending every time Daddy leaves)
  • Loves “fixing” things with his tools
  • Is best buds with our dog Randy
  • Loves to be the dog when Ceci is pretending to be a dog trainer
  • Carries his blanket EVERYWHERE
  • Thinks he needs to sleep with Daddy at least for a few hours EVERY single night
  • Kicks, hits and punches in his sleep-but only me not his Dad?!?
  • Has a growing vocabulary: no (which is his answer to everything), mine, more, Mommy, Daddy, eep (Jeep), owe, ball, dog, wow, knock knock, nine (instead of 1,2,3, go he says 9,9,9,go), hi, bye, ook (look)
  • Loves cherry tomatoes and eats them like Ceci eats candy



  • Is 9 months old and is a hound dog that joined our family when we moved to Georgia in September.
  • Is spoiled rotten
  • Lets Orlando torture lay on him and play with his floppy ears
  • Loves to jump the fence and play “run away from Mommy”
  • Plays fetch really well in the house but his hound nose gets him too distracted to play fetch at the dog park.
  • Hates the vacuum cleaner and thinks it is going to attack him every time it comes out of the closet


We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Love The MALDO’S


I’m sure you’re all dieing to hear about the last month or so of our never-ending move from Texas to Georgia (hahah I’m funny)! Here’s some highlights:

  • It took us a week longer than planned to leave the “great” place (the Army’s name for Fort Hood) Luckily we had awesome friends (thanks Tony and Lindsey) that let us and our very well behaved somewhat rambunctious children and us stay at their house.
  • We decided at last minuted to go and visit my Aunt Gerry and my cousins in Texarkana. Since they are so awesome we decided to stay an extra few days. My husband was determined to leave with my cousin’s mustang but we left without it!
  • We stopped at a Bass Pro Shop somewhere in Missouri. The plan way to get new tires on the car at the tire shop next door but we decided against it (bad decision).
  • In Alabama we blew a tire. It damaged the rotor and we had to replace it along with the brakes. A whole lot of money later we were back on the road and made it to Georgia, where we found a house right away still haven’t found a house.
  • Since we didn’t have much luck finding a house off post we have decided to live on post. The big huge giant downfall is that we won’t have a house for around a month.

Yes, that’s right a month! So in the meantime we are living in a motel. The kids are spending half their time going crazy and the other half driving me crazy. The good thing is the my husband doesn’t have to go to work until October 1st so we have been exploring the area. It’s different but seems great so far. Here are some random things I’ve noticed:

  • There is no shortage of fried chicken places or waffle houses.
  • There are lots of lizards.
  • I haven’t seen any dollar stores but I have seen a 49 cent store and several 98 cent stores.
  • They sell boiled peanuts everywhere. I’ve never heard of them so of course I had to try some. Have to say I’m not a huge fan.
  • There is an amazing running store here called Big Dog Running. They have you run on a treadmill, watch how you run and then recommend the best shoes for you. Orlando decided to try on some new kicks while we were there.
  • With the killer mosquitos bug spray is a must if you’re going to be outside much.
  • We ate at a fun little place called the Pickle Barrel (who could resist with a name like that?)
  • Even though I am extremely stressed out the kids are always saying/ doing funny things that make me laugh.
  • The time changes on the state line. It can be very confusing because half of the houses we looked at are an hour behind Fort Benning time. We were told that pretty much the whole area runs off of Fort Benning time but a watch comes in handy because my phone automatically changes based on where I am and it gets a little confusing.
  • Piggly Wiggly! It’s real and of course we had to go. Ceci says “iggily iggly”
  • We stumbled upon a book sale which was amazing. It was $3 to fill a grocery bag full of books. I loaded up because my B.F.F. Nina is not here to lend me good books. I miss you NINA!!!
  • It might take me a while before I will be able to understand the southern accent most people here have. I had a sweet old lady at the Piggly Wiggly ask me, “How old dey are?” (referring to the kids)
  • If you are ever in Georgia you should visit the National Infantry Museum. It is pretty darn amazing. They even have an Imax theater inside. The kids loved the family room too!
  • I am so excited because they have amazing running paths here. Today I ran along the river while the kids and Carlos fished and it was outstanding.
  • They have an awesome farmers market here. We checked it out and I am happy to say I got some delicious honey to have on my peanut butter and honey sandwiches. The kids had a blast too!

Since I have the pleasure of am going to be staying in a hotel for the next month or so, I might bore you all with several more blog posts soon:)

NO, the world is not ending

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Two blog posts this close together; the world must be ending, right? Nope I’m just REALLY bored! My devil adorable kids were being unusually well behaved today and did my morning workout with me, without making me 10 kinds of crazy. Here are some highlights:
  • I would say, “Ready” before each exercise and then Orlando would say, “GO”
  •  I got a 3 awesome high fives after every exercise.
  •   Skyla was the queen of squats and reverse crunches.
  •   Ceci was my burpee partner (as always).
  • Orlando’s version of a mountain climber is SO hilarious. I wish I could have gotten a picture because it’s so cute but he’s too fast so they were blurry.
  • Skyla stopped for a water break and said, “I’m going drink some water so I can get sweaty like you Mom.”
  • Orlando thinks it’s hilarious to push on my back when I’m doing planks. It’s NOT!

Here are a few pictures from our awesome workout:


Me and Orlando planking it out!


The girls doing some squats! Don’t mind the messy hair. It was chose your own hairstyle day and Skyla choose upside down pigtails and Ceci chose a mow hawk!



This is us before the 5k we made up when ours got canceled due to rain! We love you Lela and can’t wait for you to come visit again!

Skyla says, “I miss you and can you invite us to your party? Happy Birthday and your stinky.”

Ceci says, “I want to go to the park. Happy Birthday and I love you because you stinky and I need a candy for you and I’ll give you a dollar for your birthday.”

Orlando says, “hhhhhhaaaa” and then he laughed!

This one’s for you!

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A friend sent me a message today requesting that I update my blog because she needed a good laugh. So here goes. This is what we have been up to lately.


  • Blows when he is hot. Today I was putting him in the car and he was blowing because it’s like Africa hot in Texas.
  • Got his thumb nail ripped off a few weeks ago thanks to his wonderful awful mean sisters
  • Loves to wear any shoes that he can get his feet in except for his own. Right now his favorite pair is Ceci’s Twinkle Toes
  • Has a new thing going on called “I like to wake up at 3 a.m. to watch Family Guy”
  • Loves to have his hair combed. He fights to get a turn sitting on the stool to get his hair fixed like his sisters.
  • Can finally jump—it’s so stinking cute
  • Carries his blanket everywhere..he even tries to take it in the bath and outside to play even though it’s 110 degrees out
  • Got two awesome new shirts this weekend that are both 100% truth. One says, “Made in America with Mexican parts” and the other says, “I get my looks from Mommy and my gas from Daddy.”

Here’s a picture of my handsome prince!



  • Is super excited to start school. She asks me every single day, “Mom do I go to school tomorrow.”
  • Loves to watch Family Guy (she got that from Daddy) and eat (she got that from Mommy). Every morning the first thing out of her mouth is either, “I hungry.” or “Can we watch Family Guy?”
  • Enjoys making my life peaceful exciting by constantly fighting with Skyla over everything from who gets to sit where at the dinner table to who gets to water the dog.
  • Skyla wanted me to write that Ceci poked her in her face and is not letting her do nothing!
  • Ceci wanted me to tell everyone she’s going to Wal-mart (I don’t know how she plans to get there because I’m not going)

Here’s a picture of my beautiful Ceci!



  • Is still obsessed with Justin Bieber. I am so ready for this “phase” to pass. If she isn’t fighting on the phone with him, she’s mad at something he did and telling us all about it. I wish they would break up already.
  • Loves to annoy me by making Orlando scream all the time.
  • Was really upset that we couldn’t drive to Wyoming “real quick” to go to Grandma Great’s birthday party.
  • Really really really wants Grandma and Papa and Ela to come visit. She wrote them a letter last week and this is what it said, “Dear Grandma, I love you. Come and visit and bring candy. Love, Skyla”
  • Had a birthday party for Justin Bieber’s Mom today
  • Wants me to tell everyone she’s being good. She’s kind of fibbing a little lot.

Here is a picture of the hopefully soon to be ex Mrs. Bieber



I recently became an ambassador for Sweat Pink. There is a fat girl trapped inside of me and I’m determined not to let her out. I have been really busy with my fitness Facebook page, school work and yelling  talking nicely to my kids. Here is a link to my fitness Facebook


Is pretty much awesome. He has been helping me work out by talking crap to me motivating me to work harder. He is busy with lots of bs work. He is studying to go to the NCO of the month board in two days. I’m so proud of him!

Ok Jenn I hope you got at least a little laugh from our perfectly boring life at La Casa de Maldo!

Skyla licks her feet

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*****Reader’s note: I’m cranky and it’s been one of ‘those’ days so this isn’t going to be a happy, hooray for my life post.

Things that have annoyed me today:

  • My kids (surprise, surprise right?)
  • Crescent rolls that come in the tube thingy–every time I use them I have to wrestle with the tube thingy and it takes me way longer than it should to get it open
  • Orlando’s new favorite thing to do (or so it seems) is to take all of the dishes out of the cupboards while I am cooking or doing dishes
  • The house we live in has no dryer outlet. This means I have to line dry my clothes. It’s like 1,600 degrees outside. Hanging up whites is a pain. I mean really do you know how many white socks my husband has?
  • My husband and I share a vehicle. It sucks. End of story!
  • People who wear clothes that are too small to the gym. Just because you managed to squeeze yourself into size medium yoga pants does not mean they fit. Also I know it’s summer and all but your boobs still go inside your shirt.
  • Pens, crayons and color pencils. It has been less than a month since I finished repainting our entire house. Today I found the third piece of artwork that one of my wonderful children thought would look good on the nice new paint.
  • One of my casserole dishes broke (a while back). You all know that I love casseroles. When I went to make dinner tonight my only casserole dish was already half full of leftover casserole in the fridge. I was already frustrated with trying to open the tube thingy so the fact I had to empty and then wash my only casserole dish made me cranky.
  • Orlando’s screaming
  • Skyla and Ceci arguing over EVERY thing
  • Staying home. I really am not cut out to be a stay at home mom. I love my kids (most of the time) but I’m going to go ahead and say that staying home with them all day everyday is the toughest “job” I have ever had. 
  • Myself. I have been cranky, angry, short tempered, moody, whiny and no fun to be around. I don’t know how my husband and kids put up with me but I thank baby Jesus that they do.
  • I was interrupted 6 times during my 10 minute shower this morning. I was also interrupted almost every time that I had to use the bathroom today. 
  • Justin Bieber. I am so annoyed with hearing about what he did to make Skyla mad, where he is working, what time Skyla needs to leave to go pick him up from work, how much money he is going to give Skyla (I wouldn’t be annoyed by this if he really gave her money), what he did in Skyla’s dream and why Skyla likes him.
  • My neighbor’s dog. It wakes me up EVERY single night with it’s obnoxious barking.
  • We bought a lawnmower at a garage sale. It doesn’t work. Our lawn really needs mowed.
  • I made plans to have some pals over for a BBQ Friday night. Carlos forgot to tell me he has to work. This is the second week in a row I’ve had to cancel plans with them. (Sorry Sarai, if you’re reading this)
  • I’m out of Diet Pepsi
  • Word problems. I hate word problems. The next three chapters of my school work is nothing but word problems.

I’m positive there are more things to add to the list but I don’t want to bore you with the details of my very annoying day. I’m sure you get the point and I feel much better now. I just looked over at Skyla and she was licking the bottom of her foot—-weirdo!


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So my husband has been in the field the past two weeks. I’m kind of ready to put my kids in the road and let them play in traffic (just kidding….kind of). Anyways today I decided after my daily run to go to Yoga! It was wonderful. I wish I would have given it a try a lot sooner. Like I don’t know, maybe two weeks ago when Carlos left for the field. I think I may have saved my self from eating my weight in chocolate and cheese (what? I really like cheese) if I would have discovered this little gem earlier. Point is I have a new love and it’s called YOGA!

Mom is almost as cool as Aunt Lela Summer Camp

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Here is what we have been up to so far:

Red Solo Cup Bowling


Tie Die Paper Towels


Bird feeders- notice how all the peanut butter from Ceci’s is missing and she has peanut butter on her face. I wonder what happened?



Opposites Scavenger hunt (big stick, little stick, big leave, little leave, ect.)



Funnies from the week:

  • Ceci asked for a jelly and cheese sandwich for lunch today.
  • Skyla asked me, “Mom when I get married do you want to keep me?”
  • Orlando is still learning to jump and it’s almost the funniest thing ever.
  • Skyla and Ceci were discussing skin color for some reason. Skyla said, “Ceci you’re not white like me. You’re brown like Daddy.” Ceci said, “Daddy isn’t brown, he’s pink.”
  • We were outside in the front yard and I asked Skyla to check Orlando’s diaper to see if he pooped. At the exact same time as our neighbor came outside Skyla screamed, “Papa come here and let me smell your but.”
  • Carlos and I took a crazy eyes picture….I think it’s hilarious