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NO, the world is not ending

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Two blog posts this close together; the world must be ending, right? Nope I’m just REALLY bored! My devil adorable kids were being unusually well behaved today and did my morning workout with me, without making me 10 kinds of crazy. Here are some highlights:
  • I would say, “Ready” before each exercise and then Orlando would say, “GO”
  •  I got a 3 awesome high fives after every exercise.
  •   Skyla was the queen of squats and reverse crunches.
  •   Ceci was my burpee partner (as always).
  • Orlando’s version of a mountain climber is SO hilarious. I wish I could have gotten a picture because it’s so cute but he’s too fast so they were blurry.
  • Skyla stopped for a water break and said, “I’m going drink some water so I can get sweaty like you Mom.”
  • Orlando thinks it’s hilarious to push on my back when I’m doing planks. It’s NOT!

Here are a few pictures from our awesome workout:


Me and Orlando planking it out!


The girls doing some squats! Don’t mind the messy hair. It was chose your own hairstyle day and Skyla choose upside down pigtails and Ceci chose a mow hawk!



This is us before the 5k we made up when ours got canceled due to rain! We love you Lela and can’t wait for you to come visit again!

Skyla says, “I miss you and can you invite us to your party? Happy Birthday and your stinky.”

Ceci says, “I want to go to the park. Happy Birthday and I love you because you stinky and I need a candy for you and I’ll give you a dollar for your birthday.”

Orlando says, “hhhhhhaaaa” and then he laughed!


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I am a mother and a wife and my life is extreemly not interesting at all! I love my kids and my husband and all the laughter they cause me!

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