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A friend sent me a message today requesting that I update my blog because she needed a good laugh. So here goes. This is what we have been up to lately.


  • Blows when he is hot. Today I was putting him in the car and he was blowing because it’s like Africa hot in Texas.
  • Got his thumb nail ripped off a few weeks ago thanks to his wonderful awful mean sisters
  • Loves to wear any shoes that he can get his feet in except for his own. Right now his favorite pair is Ceci’s Twinkle Toes
  • Has a new thing going on called “I like to wake up at 3 a.m. to watch Family Guy”
  • Loves to have his hair combed. He fights to get a turn sitting on the stool to get his hair fixed like his sisters.
  • Can finally jump—it’s so stinking cute
  • Carries his blanket everywhere..he even tries to take it in the bath and outside to play even though it’s 110 degrees out
  • Got two awesome new shirts this weekend that are both 100% truth. One says, “Made in America with Mexican parts” and the other says, “I get my looks from Mommy and my gas from Daddy.”

Here’s a picture of my handsome prince!



  • Is super excited to start school. She asks me every single day, “Mom do I go to school tomorrow.”
  • Loves to watch Family Guy (she got that from Daddy) and eat (she got that from Mommy). Every morning the first thing out of her mouth is either, “I hungry.” or “Can we watch Family Guy?”
  • Enjoys making my life peaceful exciting by constantly fighting with Skyla over everything from who gets to sit where at the dinner table to who gets to water the dog.
  • Skyla wanted me to write that Ceci poked her in her face and is not letting her do nothing!
  • Ceci wanted me to tell everyone she’s going to Wal-mart (I don’t know how she plans to get there because I’m not going)

Here’s a picture of my beautiful Ceci!



  • Is still obsessed with Justin Bieber. I am so ready for this “phase” to pass. If she isn’t fighting on the phone with him, she’s mad at something he did and telling us all about it. I wish they would break up already.
  • Loves to annoy me by making Orlando scream all the time.
  • Was really upset that we couldn’t drive to Wyoming “real quick” to go to Grandma Great’s birthday party.
  • Really really really wants Grandma and Papa and Ela to come visit. She wrote them a letter last week and this is what it said, “Dear Grandma, I love you. Come and visit and bring candy. Love, Skyla”
  • Had a birthday party for Justin Bieber’s Mom today
  • Wants me to tell everyone she’s being good. She’s kind of fibbing a little lot.

Here is a picture of the hopefully soon to be ex Mrs. Bieber



I recently became an ambassador for Sweat Pink. There is a fat girl trapped inside of me and I’m determined not to let her out. I have been really busy with my fitness Facebook page, school work and yelling  talking nicely to my kids. Here is a link to my fitness Facebook


Is pretty much awesome. He has been helping me work out by talking crap to me motivating me to work harder. He is busy with lots of bs work. He is studying to go to the NCO of the month board in two days. I’m so proud of him!

Ok Jenn I hope you got at least a little laugh from our perfectly boring life at La Casa de Maldo!


About jessdmaldo

I am a mother and a wife and my life is extreemly not interesting at all! I love my kids and my husband and all the laughter they cause me!

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  1. Thsbks Jessica! I got a few laughs that was much needed 🙂 don’t forget to not stop blogging!!


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