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Skyla licks her feet

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*****Reader’s note: I’m cranky and it’s been one of ‘those’ days so this isn’t going to be a happy, hooray for my life post.

Things that have annoyed me today:

  • My kids (surprise, surprise right?)
  • Crescent rolls that come in the tube thingy–every time I use them I have to wrestle with the tube thingy and it takes me way longer than it should to get it open
  • Orlando’s new favorite thing to do (or so it seems) is to take all of the dishes out of the cupboards while I am cooking or doing dishes
  • The house we live in has no dryer outlet. This means I have to line dry my clothes. It’s like 1,600 degrees outside. Hanging up whites is a pain. I mean really do you know how many white socks my husband has?
  • My husband and I share a vehicle. It sucks. End of story!
  • People who wear clothes that are too small to the gym. Just because you managed to squeeze yourself into size medium yoga pants does not mean they fit. Also I know it’s summer and all but your boobs still go inside your shirt.
  • Pens, crayons and color pencils. It has been less than a month since I finished repainting our entire house. Today I found the third piece of artwork that one of my wonderful children thought would look good on the nice new paint.
  • One of my casserole dishes broke (a while back). You all know that I love casseroles. When I went to make dinner tonight my only casserole dish was already half full of leftover casserole in the fridge. I was already frustrated with trying to open the tube thingy so the fact I had to empty and then wash my only casserole dish made me cranky.
  • Orlando’s screaming
  • Skyla and Ceci arguing over EVERY thing
  • Staying home. I really am not cut out to be a stay at home mom. I love my kids (most of the time) but I’m going to go ahead and say that staying home with them all day everyday is the toughest “job” I have ever had. 
  • Myself. I have been cranky, angry, short tempered, moody, whiny and no fun to be around. I don’t know how my husband and kids put up with me but I thank baby Jesus that they do.
  • I was interrupted 6 times during my 10 minute shower this morning. I was also interrupted almost every time that I had to use the bathroom today. 
  • Justin Bieber. I am so annoyed with hearing about what he did to make Skyla mad, where he is working, what time Skyla needs to leave to go pick him up from work, how much money he is going to give Skyla (I wouldn’t be annoyed by this if he really gave her money), what he did in Skyla’s dream and why Skyla likes him.
  • My neighbor’s dog. It wakes me up EVERY single night with it’s obnoxious barking.
  • We bought a lawnmower at a garage sale. It doesn’t work. Our lawn really needs mowed.
  • I made plans to have some pals over for a BBQ Friday night. Carlos forgot to tell me he has to work. This is the second week in a row I’ve had to cancel plans with them. (Sorry Sarai, if you’re reading this)
  • I’m out of Diet Pepsi
  • Word problems. I hate word problems. The next three chapters of my school work is nothing but word problems.

I’m positive there are more things to add to the list but I don’t want to bore you with the details of my very annoying day. I’m sure you get the point and I feel much better now. I just looked over at Skyla and she was licking the bottom of her foot—-weirdo!


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I am a mother and a wife and my life is extreemly not interesting at all! I love my kids and my husband and all the laughter they cause me!

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