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“Ya he’s going to kick your butt”

*****NOTE**** Juan Carlos Maldonado please don’t kill me after you read this!

Today I came home from work with a splitting headache. Almost as soon as I got Orlando out of the car seat he started screaming as loud as he could. While I was holding Orlando and trying to wash my sheets, Ceci decided it would be a good idea to draw on the tv with chapstick. It wasn’t just the normal kind of chapstick either. It was the really icky oooey gooey sparkly kind. She then proceeded to have a 20 minute temper tantrum because I took her “ip loss”. As I was explaining to the girls that they are not allowed to touch the TV because it belongs to Daddy and Daddy will be very mad if it gets broke Skyla jumped in and said, “Ya Mom he’s going to kick your butt if you break the TV!”

Here are some other things that didn’t go so well today:

  • When I got out of the shower Ceci was in my bed surrounded by a giant wet spot!
  • The first thing Orlando did when I got him out of the crib this morning was stretch and puke all over me.
  • As I was taking the kids to school this morning Ceci told Skyla, “Skyla, I peed in Mommy’s bed.” And then she laughed.
  • Orlando cried non stop from 4:30ish to 7:00ish. He paused long enough to eat and take a quick bath.
  • My girls had cereal for dinner tonight because Orlando would not stop crying long enough for me to cook anything.

Even though I had a tough time today it was worth it because now my kids are sleeping peacefully! Oh and I got the chapstick of the TV screen!



About jessdmaldo

I am a mother and a wife and my life is extreemly not interesting at all! I love my kids and my husband and all the laughter they cause me!

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  1. Im glad that ceci peed on the bed after I was no longer sleeping in it, and ceci would think that was funny. Olando is stinkin huge! he is getting so big. Oh and are skyla and ceci fake sleeping in that picture-they look too normal to be sleeping for real. I misss you guys way too much! Love you tons!


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