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Holy Smokes Batman!

I applaud all you out there who are stay at home Moms! As much as I love my kids I just don’t think I was meant to be a stay at home Mom. That being said I had a very tough week staying home with the kids. I laughed a little, cried a little and yelled a lot. I think my lowest point was today. I was nursing the baby. Skyla was quietly (for once) playing with some building blocks at the dining room table. Ceci decided to take herself potty. She came from the bathroom with no pants and no pull up on, just her cute little naked booty. After I asked her once and yelled at her twice to put a pull-up on I decided she could just be naked until I finished feeding the  baby. The next thing I know she is standing on the table (naked) throwing blocks everywhere! I just had to take a few deep breaths and laugh a little.

This might explain why I was extremely excited when my husband told me that there was a boat show he wanted us all to go to today. Yes I was excited as in thrilled, eager, enthusiastic, ecstatic, delighted, elated, overjoyed and tickled to go to a BOAT SHOW! It was beyond wonderful to get out of the house and we all had a great time!

Ceci tried out a few boats. I think she like this one the most.

The kids got to go fishing while we were at the boat show.

Skyla fished all by herself  and caught a big catfish.

She didn’t want to hold the fish for a picture. She said she wasn’t scared but her pink jacket was really scared.

Daddy helped Ceci fish. They also caught a big catfish.

Ceci wanted to hold the fish as soon as she got it out of the water. She tried to kiss the fish as we were taking a picture.

Mommy and Orlando didn’t fish but had fun watching.

The boat show was fun for all of us and batman was even there!!! (I had to take a picture just for Nina who said “Holy smokes batman” when she got pepper sprayed!)


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I am a mother and a wife and my life is extreemly not interesting at all! I love my kids and my husband and all the laughter they cause me!

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