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Casa de Maldo

It’s been a rather exciting few weeks here at the casa de Maldo. We FINALLY got a vehicle that we will all fit into once Baby Maldo gets here. It’s nothing fancy but it is perfect for us. I love it because it has plenty of room for the stroller(s) and it doesn’t scream stay at home soccer mom (very loud anyways).

Carlos loves it because he can pull the boat with it. He finally got to take the boat out on the lake for the first time last week. Skyla got to go with him and I am not sure who had more fun!

I haven’t been up to much other than working and growing. I am still loving my job despite the less than brilliant people I get to talk to everyday. I can’t really complain about stupid people because for me they are job security. The people I work with are very set in their ways. They come in every morning sanitize everything, turn on R&B  or Jesus music and complain about anything that is the slightest bit out-of-place. It really doesn’t bother me (that much) but the other day it had me thinking. I wonder what they would do if I showed up one morning and turned on country music. Haha I don’t think I’ll try it for fear of suffering their wrath but it was fun to think about. My belly is HUGE! My belly button has popped out. The girls think this is hilarious and they love to try to push it back in and make it stay!



Skyla is so excited for Halloween. Toady when I picked her up from school she asked me, “Mom, can we go to Halloween today?” I had to explain to her that Halloween is not a place but a day and it will be here in a few weeks. We haven’t decided on a costume for her yet. Yesterday she wanted to be a princess. Earlier today she told me she wanted to be a spider and have 8 legs and just five minutes ago she told me she wanted to be Dora. I guess we will have to go costume shopping and let her pick something out. Skyla is also very very very excited for Grandma, Papa and Lela to come visit for Christmas. She doesn’t quite understand how far away Christmas is though.

Ceci is learning so much and talking more and more everyday! She loves shoes and books. Every night she asks for a book when we put her to bed. When I wake her up in the morning the first thing she says is “book” and she will cry if I leave it in the crib. One of my new favorites is, “Mommy look!” She says this ALL the time and then points to whatever it is she is looking at. She is also potty training so she loves to tell me, “I wanna potty.” This is great except for it’s usually too late when she tells me. At least it’s a start though. She is also learning to dress herself. The other day she put Skyla’s undies on over top over her diaper!

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before or not but “1000 Ways to Die” is a really disturbing show. I like it though!


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I am a mother and a wife and my life is extreemly not interesting at all! I love my kids and my husband and all the laughter they cause me!

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