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Just another bad hair day!

Nothing too extremely exciting is happening in my perfectly boring life!  I had a bad hair day today (this seems to be the norm lately) other than that here are a few things that are going on in my life.

Carlos had a root canal yesterday. They put him on some pain medication that made him wake me up with his random sleep talking all night last night. I wish I could remember some of the things he said because it was quite comical. The pain medicine makes him extremely tired so this is how he has spent the last few days:

I have also been very very tired the last few days (or weeks). I blame it on my growing belly. The girls love to give the baby kisses. Skyla felt the baby kick for the first time the other day. She said, “Oh Dad the baby kicked me in the hand-see I have a boo-boo.”  Skyla also seems to think that she has a baby in her tummy. When I asked Carlos to take a picture of my big belly she insisted that we take a picture of her “big belly” too. I think her belly is much cuter!

Notice the bad hair!

Maybe the empty fry box has something to do with her "big belly"

Speaking of growing, Ceci is growing so fast too! She gets into everything and even if she’s not tall enough she is a smart little cookie and always finds a way to get what she wants.


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I am a mother and a wife and my life is extreemly not interesting at all! I love my kids and my husband and all the laughter they cause me!

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