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Skyla makes me haha, lol, rotfl and lmbo

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This girl (Skyla Natalia) may quite possibly be the funniest person I have ever met- aside from Carlos Mencia. I continuously find myself laughing hysterically over something she did or said. Here are a few Skyla-isms that made me laugh this week.

Today when we drove on post the man working the gate was a Hispanic man. Skyla asked, “Dad is that man a scary man?” Carlos said, “No, Skyla. He is a Mexican man.” Skyla said, “No Dad he’s a sexy man!”

Friday on my way to work I called Carlos to talk to him for a few minutes. As I was getting off the phone I said, “I love you-have a good day.” When I hung up Skyla said, “Mom who was that and why did you say you love them?” I told her it was Daddy and I do love him. She was all kinds of mad and replied, “No Mom that was just a man and you can’t love him if you love Daddy.” I had to argue with her for a few minutes before I finally proved to her that I was in fact talking to Carlos.

The other night we were driving around town looking for a place to eat for Carlos’ birthday dinner. Every time we passed a church Skyla got all excited and said, “Mom there is the church. I want to go so I can wear my favorite color purple dress.” This may not seem very funny to anybody else but she says “favorite color purple” as if it is one big word and she doesn’t even have a purple dress. I thought it was funny.

That same night on the way home we saw a car accident. Carlos was explaining to me what probably happened and Skyla had to correct his story. She was so excited talking about it that she was stuttering and she said, “And then the car turned left and hit the truck like this (hand motions).” Carlos asked, “Which way is left?” and Skyla quickly replied, “The car Dad!” I was laughing so hard because she talked about it as if she saw it happen and as if she actually knows her left from her right!

She must have been on a roll that night because as we were driving home she made me laugh hysterically once again. The song “Free” by the Zac Brown Band was playing on the radio. Skyla was singing along and when it got to the following part of the song she sang her little heart out:

No we don’t have a lot of money, No we don’t have a lot of money, No we don’t have a lot of money, all we need is love…..

I started laughing and asked her if she liked that song and she said, “Ya cus we don’t have a lot of money Mom.”

Last weekend Skyla and Ceci were in the room playing and Skyla came marching out with a wet diaper in her hand and made a beeline for the kitchen. We both asked her where she got that dirty diaper from but before she could answer Ceci came out of the room with a fresh diaper on backwards. Skyla decided that she would change her all by herself. We told Skyla good job and helped her put the diaper on the right way and they went back to playing. A little while later Skyla came into the living room. She put her hands on her hips and said, “Ceci is poopy and I am NOT changing her this time!” As much as I hate changing poopy diapers I am glad Skyla did not attempt to change it on her own. I am sure that would have been a disaster.

Maybe in the future Skyla will be a famous comedian and can buy me a nice house! Until then I will cherish all the cute things she does to make me laugh!


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I am a mother and a wife and my life is extreemly not interesting at all! I love my kids and my husband and all the laughter they cause me!

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  1. The diaper one made me laugh – I miss her so much!!


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