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HaPpY 30tH JuAn CaRlOs MaLdOnAdO!

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Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband JUAN CARLOS MALDONADO! This is the wonderfully delicious cake that I made for him (by made I actually mean went to Dairy Queen and bought).

Here are some things that have happened on your birthday the last 30 years:

  • August 4, 1980-Huricane Aline killed 272 people in Texas
  • August 4, 1981-National Highway Traffic Safety Administration begin a hearing on mandatory restraint systems in autos
  • August 4,1982-Eye of The Tiger was number 1 on the charts
  • August 4, 1983-While warming up before 5th inning Yankee Dave Winfield accidentally killed a seagull
  • August 4, 1984-This is what Michael Jackson looked like

  • August 4, 1985-Collision Between a tractor-semitrailer transporting bombs and an automobile, resulting in fire and explosions in Cheotah, Oklahoma
  • August 4, 1986-Job burnout was estimated to have affected 25 percent of the work force in the United States
  • August 4, 1987-At the Kingdome, Ruppert Jones hit  a foul ball that stuck in speaker
  • August 4, 1988-Congress voted to award $20,000 to each Japanese-American interned in WW II
  • August 4, 1989-Grateful Dead preformed live at Cal Expo
  • August 4, 1990-European community proposed a boycott of Iraq
  • August 4, 1991-The average price of a dozen eggs was $1.01
  • August 4, 1992- Rescue 911 started it’s forth season (I remember that show!)
  • August 4, 1993-Angolese air force bombed Huambo
  • August 4, 1994-Truck carrying millions of bees overturned on NY parkway
  • August 4, 1995-Darryl Strawberry joined the NY Yankees
  • August 4, 1996-26th Olympic games closed at Atlanta, Georgia
  • August 4, 1997-185,000 Teamsters union United Parcel Service drivers walked off the job
  • August 4, 1998-Smashing Pumpkins played live at Fox theaters
  • August 4, 1999-Drought continued across large sections of the United States
  • August 4, 2000-I am not sure anything exciting happened on this day but Carlos turned 20!
  • August 4, 2001-Maryland pony breeder held an annual pony show
  • August 4, 2002-Nine people were killed and some 50 wounded in a suicide bombing of Egged bus No. 361
  • August 4, 2003- Mariah Carrey had an interview with John Norris on MTV
  • August 4, 2004- Virginia steps up security in response to latest terror warning
  • August 4, 2005-Yahoo Inc. announced that it was beginning a test of a new search engine feature that would search through millions of songs offered on popular Internet music services
  • August 4, 2006-Osama bin Laden’s No. 2 man in al Qaeda threatened more destruction in London
  • August 4, 2007-Cubs defeated the Mets, 6-2
  • August 4, 2008- Four days away from the summer Olympics opening in Beijing
  • August 4, 2009-Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki has 4,000 prisoners death sentences commuted to life imprisonment
  • August 4, 2010- Juan Carlos Maldonado turned 30 and his wonderful wife made him a scrumptious ice cream cake

Call me crazy but I think the most exciting thing that has happened on August 4th in the last 30 years is Juan Carlos Maldonado gracing the earth with his presence.  The last item in the list comes in a close second though—hehe!


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I am a mother and a wife and my life is extreemly not interesting at all! I love my kids and my husband and all the laughter they cause me!

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  1. the one called MALDO

    it was so goooooood now my tummy hurts from to much ice cream lol man alot of stupid things do happn on the fourth of aug dont they


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