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Daddy is wearing lady panties!

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I hate it when I go to the store for one thing and get home with everything but whatever I went to get. That happened to me the other day but it wasn’t as much of a bad thing as normal. We went to the mall to try and find some tent like pants for my growing belly. Long story short-we ended up at Pet Smart and came home with two fish and no tent like pants. It wasn’t a bad thing though because the fish have already paid for themselves in the entertainment they have provided me. Skyla picked out a whitish pink fish and named her Olivia. Carlos picked out a blue fish and named him Boy. We have a split tank for Boy and Olivia. One side is decorated in blue the other in pink.

The morning after we got the fish Skyla was sitting on the stool talking to Olivia and Boy and says to me, “Mom the fishes are scared of me!” I look up to discover Skyla has her whole hand in the tiny little tank. While trying to hold in my laughter I had to explain that Boy and Olivia do not like to be held or touched by little Skyla hands. 

Last night while Skyla was getting ready for bed she came to me and in a very concerned motherly voice said, “Mom, Boy and Olivia will NOT go to sleep. They are going to get a spanking!” After that every few minutes Skyla would peek over the back of the love seat and see if they were asleep yet. 

Today Skyla took her first turn at feeding Boy and Olivia. They ended up with a whole handful of food each! I guess a “little tiny bit” to an adult and a three year old are not the same thing at all! Here are a few photos of Skyla with Olivia and Boy.


On a totally different note-my kids love bananas!


And on another totally different note Skyla just said to me, “Mom, Daddy is wearing lady panties!”


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I am a mother and a wife and my life is extreemly not interesting at all! I love my kids and my husband and all the laughter they cause me!

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